In this tutorial we describe possibilities of detail wizard in Creatio. Use the detail wizard to add new and modify the existing section details.

Learn how to use the section wizard to create and modify sections in Creatio. This tutorial explains how to create a new 'Ideas' section with two different types of records.

The system designer is the configuration hub of Creatio.

To setup mobile application, use Creatio mobile application wizard that is displayed in the system designer block. Each section of the mobile application can be customized in such a way as to display only the required information.

Learn how to use and set up lookups in Creatio. Manage lookups content and configure system settings step by step. The tutorial contains case examples for better hands-on user experience.

Use universal import from Excel to add large-scale data to Creatio. You can add a customer base, a list of products or other data from an Excel file in a matter of minutes.

Learn how to integrate and synchronize your email account with Creatio to receive and send email directly in the communication panel. You can also connect emails to records and run business processes through email.

Learn how to set up access permissions for the system records, objects, operations and specific record fields in Creatio.

You can set up the organizational and functional roles of your company’s employees in Creatio CRM system.
Use the organizational roles to model the administrative structure of your company divisions.
Use the functional roles to group your company’s employees by their job titles.

Learn how to create contacts and assign them to users, manage user access rights in Creatio CRM software. The tutorial also explains the licensing steps, so that you can easily manage and configure the licensing for the users in Creatio.