Meet our CRM-system for professional sales management of all types ranging from short sales cycles to long corporate sales just in 5 minutes!


This video tutorial contains step-by-step instructions on how to set up automatic email case registration in Creatio CRM. Learn how to make Creatio automatically register new cases based on incoming emails or connect emails to existing cases.


Marketing Creatio is a holistic multi-channel marketing automation platform powered by out-of-the-box best practice processes delivering demand generation excellence.

Service Creatio, customer center edition automates your customer service operations to help increase customer loyalty and satisfaction levels and is designed for customer service automation for large-scale support teams with a high flow of inbound and outbound communications.

Service Creatio is designed for largescale service management throughout the entire service lifecycle, from customer request handling to the implementation of changes and release design.

Financial Services Creatio, customer journey edition is a system for automating bank front office and contact center tasks, as well as handling deposit and transactional product support.

Studio Creatio is the unique synergy of business processes management and case management technologies that provides organizations with powerful tools to easily manage and optimize business processes.

A landing page is a web page on your website that contains information valuable to visitors and enables you to obtain information about them and their current needs.

Learn how to export reports from Creatio in PDF or DOCX format. This tutorial explains how to set up and generate reports using highly customizable MS Word templates.

Setup the workplaces displayed on the side panel in Creatio CRM. This helps to organize the work for the employees from various divisions and departments. You can include in the list of the displayed sections only those sections that are used by the employee for the working process.

In this tutorial we describe possibilities of detail wizard in Creatio. Use the detail wizard to add new and modify the existing section details.

Learn how to use the section wizard to create and modify sections in Creatio. This tutorial explains how to create a new 'Ideas' section with two different types of records.

The system designer is the configuration hub of Creatio.

To setup mobile application, use Creatio mobile application wizard that is displayed in the system designer block. Each section of the mobile application can be customized in such a way as to display only the required information.

Learn how to use and set up lookups in Creatio. Manage lookups content and configure system settings step by step. The tutorial contains case examples for better hands-on user experience.

Use universal import from Excel to add large-scale data to Creatio. You can add a customer base, a list of products or other data from an Excel file in a matter of minutes.

Learn how to integrate and synchronize your email account with Creatio to receive and send email directly in the communication panel. You can also connect emails to records and run business processes through email.

Learn how to set up access permissions for the system records, objects, operations and specific record fields in Creatio.

You can set up the organizational and functional roles of your company’s employees in Creatio CRM system.
Use the organizational roles to model the administrative structure of your company divisions.
Use the functional roles to group your company’s employees by their job titles.

Learn how to create contacts and assign them to users, manage user access rights in Creatio CRM software. The tutorial also explains the licensing steps, so that you can easily manage and configure the licensing for the users in Creatio.

Use lists in Creatio CRM software to set up columns, add connecting or aggregated columns, set up a summary string and sort records. Display data in a tile, list or vertical view.

Use the command line for a quick access to the most frequently performed operations in Creatio, such as opening the page of a contact or an account or running a process.

In this video tutorial, we explain the use of tags in Creatio CRM software. It is a simple guide that shows how to create and assign tags to records and then use the created tags to quickly find your records by keywords.

Use folder area in bpm'onine CRM system to segment accounts by type or industry and to segment documents and invoices by state. Creatio allows you to filter records by the columns of the current record and of the objects connected to it.

Use filters to filter data by the most frequently used conditions. Use the standard filter to search for records by the values specified in one or more columns. Use the advanced filter if you need to apply a more complex filter that contains several search parameters and conditions.

This video tutorial covers all features for working with emails in Creatio. Learn how to synchronize with your mailboxes, bind incoming emails to accounts, contacts and other system records, send emails directly from Creatio and much more.

Watch this new tutorial to learn how to set up dashboards in Creatio CRM system, analyze any kind of data and monitor your success. Customize your dashboards and get generate reports you need.

Use the user profile page to maintain the personal settings in Creatio.

Learn about Creatio user interface to know how to use the side panel, command line, communication panel, how to set up filters, views and more.

This video tutorial contains step-by-step instructions on how to process cases in Creatio CRM. Learn case processing workflow and stages, discover powerful and easy-to-use case management tools that Creatio has to offer.