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Creatio Certification validates your technical skills and expertise in working with Creatio products. Test your knowledge and earn resume-worthy badges that highlight your skills.

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Creatio Analyst

As a Creatio analyst, you are an expert in Creatio product functionalities, no-code customization and BPM tools. Creatio analyst certification is designed for product owners, business analysts, presale engineers or technical consultants that work with Creatio platform.

Required product skills:
  • Knowledge of one of the Creatio CRM products
  • No-code customization
  • Business process management
  • Creatio architecture & Integrations
Required business analysis skills:
  • Relational data modeling
  • Requirements management
  • Project Troubleshooting

Prepare for certification using
Creatio Analyst Learning Path

Select a product that you
will specialize in as
a certified Creatio analyst.
E-learning + Guided Learning format is suitable
for independent learners. Corporate trainings
format is suitable for teams of 5 or more.
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Learn at your own pace with free e-Learning courses

  • Platform basics
  • Marketing tools
  • No-code customization
  • Setup and administration
  • BPM tools


Expand your skills

Get hands-on experience during Guided Learning with an Academy trainer

  • Administration, No-code customization & BPM tools



Get ready for your certification exam

  • Take Creatio Analyst self-assessment test
  • Schedule a certification exam
  • Get a Certificate


Take a Creatio Analyst certification exam

Once you have completed the necessary steps, it is time to confirm your proficiency. As a certified Creatio Analyst,
you are an expert in Creatio product functionalities, no-code customization and BPM tools.

Take a self-assessment test
Register and pay
for certification exam
Cost: $150 per attempt
Receive practical assignment 7 days prior to certification exam date
Present completed practical assignment and complete the test
Receive certificate


In preparation for your Certification exam, assess your readiness by taking the Creatio Analyst Self-assessment and test yourself in a timed environment.

Self-assessment test: latest release features

Keep up to date on the latest changes, take the tests on the latest Creatio releases features.


To schedule your certification, you must be a registered user. Certification exam is conducted online by an Academy trainer and consists of 2 parts: practical assignment and a test.

If you currently hold a valid certificate, you qualify for our recertification exam. For your recertification you only need to complete a test to renew your certificate.

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