A landing page is a web page on your website that contains information valuable to visitors and enables you to obtain information about them and their current needs.

Use lists in Creatio CRM software to set up columns, add connecting or aggregated columns, set up a summary string and sort records. Display data in a tile, list or vertical view.

Use the command line for a quick access to the most frequently performed operations in Creatio, such as opening the page of a contact or an account or running a process.

In this video tutorial, we explain the use of tags in Creatio CRM software. It is a simple guide that shows how to create and assign tags to records and then use the created tags to quickly find your records by keywords.

Use folder area in bpm'onine CRM system to segment accounts by type or industry and to segment documents and invoices by state. Creatio allows you to filter records by the columns of the current record and of the objects connected to it.

Use filters to filter data by the most frequently used conditions. Use the standard filter to search for records by the values specified in one or more columns. Use the advanced filter if you need to apply a more complex filter that contains several search parameters and conditions.

This video tutorial covers all features for working with emails in Creatio. Learn how to synchronize with your mailboxes, bind incoming emails to accounts, contacts and other system records, send emails directly from Creatio and much more.

Watch this new tutorial to learn how to set up dashboards in Creatio CRM system, analyze any kind of data and monitor your success. Customize your dashboards and get generate reports you need.

Use the user profile page to maintain the personal settings in Creatio.

Learn about Creatio user interface to know how to use the side panel, command line, communication panel, how to set up filters, views and more.