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User task designer workspace

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The User Task Designer (Fig. 1) consists of a number of functional areas and contains tools for creating custom activities for use in business processes.

Fig. 1. User Task Designer work area

Structure area (1)

The [Structure] area contains a tree-like structure of the business process elements.

The Properties Area (2)

Use the [Properties] area to modify the number of separate characteristics of a user task and any of its items.

The Toolbar (3)

In addition to the standard buttons, the toolbar of the user task designer also contains the following buttons:

[Add] – adds an item to the user task structure. The item currently selected in the structure will determine the type of an item that will be added by clicking the button. For example, if the [Parameters] group or a parameter is selected in the structure, clicking the [Add] button will add a new parameter. The [Add] button menu also contains the following commands:

  • [Add Parameter] – adds a parameter to the user task structure.
  • [Add Method] – adds a method to the user task structure.

You can also add an item by using the [Add] command of the right-click menu in the [Structure] area.

[Delete] – deletes the selected item from the user task structure.

[Up] – moves an item up the list in the user task structure.

[Down] – moves an item down the list in the user task structure.

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