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DataService. Batch queries

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General provisions

The DataService web service of bpm'online is a RESTful (Representational State Transfer, REST) service. The RESTful data management interface does not require converting data to an external format, such as XML. In a simple RESTful service, each information unit is determined by a global Identifier such as URL. Each URL, in its turn, has a strictly specified format. This is not an optimal way to transfer large arrays of data.

With the use of the DataService, the data can be automatically configured in various data formats such as XML, JSON, HTML, CSV, and JSV. The data structure is determined by data contracts. A complete list of data contracts used by the DataService, can be found in the "DataService web service" article.

Bach queries

Batch queries are used to minimize requests to DataServise, which improves application performance. Packet query is a collection that contains a custom set of DataService requests. The query data is transferred to DataService via HTTP, with the help of POST by the following URL:

// URL format of the batch POST query to DataService.
http(s)://[Bpm'online application address]/[Configuration number]/dataservice/[Data fromat]/reply/BatchQuery
// URL example of the batch POST query to DataService.

The data that comprises a batch query can be passed in different formats. One of the more convenient formats is JSON: The structure of a batch query in JSON format is as follows:

    "items": [
            "__type": "[Full qualified name of the query type]",
            //One-time query contents.
        // Other one-time queries.

To generate the contents of one-time queries that comprise a batch query, use the following data constants: InsertQuery, SelectQuery, UpdateQuery and DeleteQuery.

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