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Integration with bpm'online and public API

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Bpm’online has a wide range of integrations with custom third-party applications.

First, accessing bpm’online by a third-party application requires authentication. For more information on accessing bpm’online, see “Authenticating external requests to bpm'online services”. For more information on bpm’online primary authentication service, see “The AuthService.svc authentication service”.

Starting with version 7.10, authentication is protected from CSRF attacks. For more information, see “Protection from CSRF attacks during integration with bpm'online”.

Brief description and comparison of bpm’online basic integration methods is available in the “Choosing the method of integration with bpm'online” article.

Wide range of integration capabilities is available through API provided by the DataService web service. Fore more information on create, read, update and delete operations (the CRUD operations), as well as the API, see the “DataService web service” article.

If the third-party system uses the OData protocol, it cal also be used for integration with bpm’online. For more information, see the “OData” article.

Using the iframe HTML element for integration is covered in the “Integration of third-party sites via iframe” article.

For more information on the “Web-to-Object” integrations, see the “Web-To-Object. Using landings and web-forms”.

Use methods of the ProcessEngineService.svc web service to trigger bpm'online processes via third-party applications. Description of methods and public web service API are available in the following article: "The ProcessEngineService.svc web service". 





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