Project Life Cycle Methodology

Project Life Cycle Methodology

This document is a guide on organizing Creatio implementation projects using best project management practices to assist you through all phases of Creatio implementation.

Our project life cycle is based on the PRINCE2 methodology. It enables you to simplify, plan, develop and implement Creatio to meet the project quality requirements and deadlines.


This guide will be useful both for partners implementing Creatio and for their clients (“external implementation”), in addition to clients who decided to implement Creatio independently utilizing internal resources (“independent implementation”). This guide covers both these options.

Fig. 1 Project life cycle methodology (click to open full-sized image)



The “Agreement” stage is omitted in the independent implementation.

Project team structure

Implementation projects involve large numbers of participants. The project team is a group of Client’s and Vendor’s representatives divided into several levels.

When it comes to the independent implementation, the term “Client” refers to an internal department that will use Creatio, and the term “Vendor” denotes a project or IT department that implements and supports Creatio.

Project workgroup structure

Project Regulations

Regulations are a set of mutually agreed rules that ensure the quality and timeliness of interaction between team members and guarantee that all project deadlines are met.

Project regulations

Initiation phase

At the Initiation phase, preparation and high-level planning are carried out to lay down the foundation for a successful project.

Initiation phase

Planning and Project proposal


Elaboration phase

At the Elaboration phase, the Project charter, and the project’s Business concept, documents, as well as a detailed project plan are prepared.

Elaboration phase

Project charter

Business concept

Execution phase

At the Execution phase, the development is performed. For this, continuous delivery of test prototypes is carried out. The update packages with changes are delivered to the Client.

Execution phase

Business processes of the Execution phase

Delivery of updates

Delivery environments

Execution phase deliveries

Transition phase

At the Transition phase, deliveries are transferred from the Vendor’s test environment to the Client’s pre-production and production environments.

Transition phase

Business processes of the Transition phase

Transition phase deliveries

Operation phase

Operation is the final phase, making the official project wrap-up. Project results are summarized and documented.

Operation phase

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