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This documentation is valid for Creatio version 7.16.0. We recommend using the newest version of Creatio documentation.

Calling web services from business processes

Creatio can integrate with custom REST web services. You can set up web service integration, including web service connection parameters and methods in the [Web services] section of the [Studio] workplace. Alternatively, you can open this section by clicking the [Web service integration setup] link of the System designer.


The complexity of the setup procedure largely depends on how the web service itself is implemented and documented. Most common web service integrations do not require programmer background.

The general setup procedure is as follows:

1.Studying documentation on REST-services that are necessary for performing a specific business task. You need to fully understand how to call the used web-service.

2.For each of the web services:

a.Set up web service properties, including its URI in the [Web services] section.

b.Add HTTP methods that Creatio can call to trigger web service functions and set up their parameters.

3.Implement calling of the integrated web services as part of your BPMN business processes.


Set up automatic updates of the currency exchange rates in the [Currencies] lookup using a free web service “Fixer” (

Implementation of this example requires that we set up integration with the Fixer service itself, set up a method for obtaining exchange rates for the needed currency, and finally, set up a business process that would call this method at the required intervals and update the [Currencies] lookup.

The following chapters cover web service integration setup, using the “Fixer” REST service as example.


Studying Web service documentation

Setting up general properties of the web service

Setting up web service methods

Setting up the parsing of the web service response parameters

Testing the web service integration

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