Set up page tabs

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By default, each new page contains Attachments and notes and Feed tabs. You can add new tabs, edit the existing ones, as well as manage the order in which they are displayed on the page (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Page tab setup area

To add a new tab on the page:

  1. Open a section, e.g., Accounts.

  2. Click ViewOpen Section Wizard.

  3. In the “Section pages” block of the Section Wizard:

    1. if you have only one edit page in your section, click Edit page;

    2. if you have several edit pages in your section, click the link of a corresponding page in the list.

  4. Click btn_com_add_tab.png in the right part of the tab setup area.

  5. In the opened window, enter a caption for the new tab and click Save.

    As a result, a new empty tab will be added. On a tab, you can add field groups, fields, and details.

    To rename the currently open tab, click btn_chapter_content_designer_htlm_element_edit.png.

    To modify the tab content, add a field group and drag the required fields from the New column and Existing columns areas. You can add details on the tab in a similar way.

    To change the tab position, hover the cursor over the tab title, click and drag it to the required place.

To delete a tab, select it and click btn_delete_record_on_dtl.png in the right part of the tab setup area. If you accidentally delete one of the default tabs, you can only restore it by discarding the current changes in the Section Wizard. There are two ways you can do it when you delete the tab:

  1. Exit the Section Wizard by closing the window and open it again. You will see the accidentally deleted tab reappear in the tab setup area.

  2. Refresh the page by pressing F5 as soon as you delete the tab (Fig. 2).

    Fig. 2 Restoring the deleted default tab in the Section Wizard

Attention. If you delete the default Feed tab in your section and save the changes in the Section Wizard, you will only be able to restore it using the developer means.