Set up page field groups

All Creatio products

You can combine page fields into groups. For example, a record of the Accounts section can contain a Categorization field group used to categorize companies by various parameters.

To add a new field group:

  1. Open a section, e.g., Contacts.

  2. Click ViewOpen Section Wizard.

  3. In the “Section pages” block of the Section Wizard:

    1. if you have only one edit page in your section, click Edit page;

    2. if you have several edit pages in your section, click the link of a corresponding page in the list.

  4. Open the tab where the new field group should be located, and click New fields group (Fig. 1).

    Fig. 1 Adding a field group on a tab
  5. In the opened window, enter the field group title and click Save.

    As a result, an empty 24-cell grid area for setting up fields will be added on the tab (Fig. 2).

    Fig. 2 Adding a new field group

You can add the needed fields to the newly created field group.

You can rename, delete and move the added field groups similarly to working with tabs.