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Predictive search for similar cases increases the support team efficiency. The information about similar cases helps to streamline the solution of the current case.

This ML tool finds similar cases by analyzing the unstructured text data and displays them on the case page. The probability score is displayed in the Score field (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 The Similar cases detail on a case page

If you have more than 100 processed cases, Creatio will train the out-of-the-box recommendation model automatically. This model will predict recommendations for all new cases. If necessary, you can adapt and train the ML model to suit your business needs. Read more: Set up searching for similar texts.

To see the prediction, go to the Closure and feedback tab on the case page. The search results will display on the Similar cases detail. Should the case subject or description change, you can perform a new search for similar cases by clicking Refresh.

Rate the relevance of the found cases in the Prediction quality field. Your feedback will improve the accuracy of future predictions.

Note. If Creatio stores more than 100 processed cases but will not display the similar case search results, check if the search for similar cases is active and there is a trained ML model in the ML Models section.

Additionally, Creatio will not display the prediction if the search yields no relevant results. In this case you can change the text similarity threshold manually on the ML model’s advanced options page. Read more: Set up searching for similar texts.

Run the search for similar cases

You can search for cases that are similar to either a single record or  all the records in the Cases section. You can launch the search automatically or manually.

Set up an automatic search

Creatio will search for similar cases automatically:

  • When creating a new case.

  • When changing an existing case.

  • Daily when Creatio is loaded the least.

To set up the automatic prediction for all cases:

  1. Open the ML models section in the Studio workplace.

  2. Open the “Similar case search” model.

  3. Toggle on Perform background update of prediction results daily during the maintenance window in the Setting up background update of prediction results field group on the Parameters tab.

    Note. If you need to run resource-heavy processes, such as the search for similar cases, it is better to do it when Creatio is loaded the least. You can specify the relevant time period  in the Maintenance periods lookup.

Run a manual search

To start a manual search for similar cases, go to the Cases section, open the needed record and click Refresh on the Similar cases detail (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 Searching for similar cases manually

How predictive search for similar cases works

To find similar cases, the ML model compares the text in the Subject and Description fields of the current case to the corresponding values of the other cases in the section. The model takes into account the matching text parameters,  as well as the “weight” (importance) of certain words and phrases. The model considers the cases  similar if the text exceeds the similarity threshold. The threshold  is set to 0.3 by default, however you can alter this value and retrain the model. Read more: Set up searching for similar texts.