[Sub-process] case element

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The Sub-process chapter_case_designer_icon_subprocess.png Case Designer element is used to add BPMN process as a stage step. The parameters of the Sub-process Case Designer element are identical to those of the corresponding Process Designer element. The sub-process starts automatically when you transition to the stage that has this step.

Set up the [Sub-process] case element 

In the Process field of the element setup area, select an earlier created process that must be run as a sub-process (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 The Sub-process element setup area

Click the btn_chapter_designer_user_task_designer_task.png button to open the sub-process in the BPMN Process Designer.

Fill out the following fields:

  1. Step type – specify if the step is required. Select “Required step” if the sub-process must be completed to transition to the next stage. Select “Optional step” if the user can advance to the next case stage without completing this sub-process.

    Note. A user can advance to the final “unsuccessful” stage from any stage without completing the required steps.

  2. When is the step performed? – indicates whether to activate the element is activated at the start of the stage or after a case step. Select “At the start of the stage” to run the sub-process at the start of the case stage. Select “After the previous step is complete” if the sub-process must run after the previous step in the case stage. Specify the step in the Perform after step field.
  3. Which process to run? – select a BPMN business process.
  4. Name – sub-process name used for identification by the system.
  5. Enable logging – select the checkbox to track the execution of this sub-process in the Process log section.
  6. Serialize in DB – select the checkbox to enable saving of parameter values for the running process in the database.
  7. Change stage after element is completed – configure case transition to the next stage depending a sub-process result. Click the btn_button_connections00002.png button to add fields for configuring conditions of case transition. Click the chapter_case_designer_icon_parameter_menu.png button in the If result field to build the formula of the transition condition to the next stage and specify the transition stage in the Set stage to. For example, to advance case to a different stage only if the approval was set, specify following formula:

    #Getting the contract approved.Result# == #Lookup.Approval status.Positive#.

The Parameters tab contains the list of parameters of the process selected as a sub-process. The tab displays all parameters of the selected sub-process. Use parameters to connect the process to the current record and its connected records.

Learn more about how to work with parameters: Process parameters.