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This documentation is valid for Creatio version 7.12.0. We recommend using the newest version of Creatio documentation.

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Mobile application manifest

The mobile application manifest describes the structure of the mobile app, its objects and connections between them.

Page life cycle in mobile application

Each page in the mobile application has several stages during navigation process (opening, closing, unloading, returning to page, etc.). The time passed from loading a page, to unloading it from the mobile device memory is called a page life cycle.

Mobile application background update

The bpm'online mobile application implements a synchronization mechanism for the application structure, which can work automatically in the background.

Getting the settings and data from the [Dashboards] section

Getting the settings and the dashboards data is implemented in the AnalyticsService service and in the AnalyticsServiceUtils utility in the Platform package.

Resolving synchronization conflicts automatically

During the synchronization of a mobile app working in the offline mode, the transferred data sometimes cannot be saved.

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