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The communication panel

Use the communication panel to work with customers and colleagues with no need to switch from your current tasks. Make calls, process emails, make approvals and use corporate social network easily. The reminders and system notifications will make sure you never miss any important events.

Fig. 1 The communication panel


The communicational panel consists of the following tabs:

  • btn_com_consultation_tab.png – consultation panel. The tab is available only in bank customer journey and designed for providing consultations to current and potential customers. Use the consultation panel to search for clients in the database and initiate consultations.

  • btn_com_open_cti_panel.png – CTI panel. The telephone tool in Creatio can make and receive calls directly in the system.

  • btn_com_email_tab.png – Email. Use this tab to work with emails. Send and receive emails and connect them to other objects in the system. Read more >>> 

  • btn_com_feed_tab.png Feed. This tab displays the messages of the Feed section. Use this tab to view messages you follow, as well as to add new messages and comments. The functionality is identical to the functionality of the [Feed] section.

  • btn_com_esn_feedback_tab.png – Notification center. This tab displays notifications about events stored in the system. Read more >>> 

  • btn_com_process_tasks.png – Business process tasks. Displays uncompleted business process-related tasks. Read more >>> 


Notification center

Business process tasks

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