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Windows authentication in bpm’online

Windows authentication via the NTLM protocol verifies the user’s identity upon login by comparing the current user’s domain credentials with the credentials of the corresponding bpm’online or LDAP user. Thus, the user who is authenticated becomes authorized within the domain and will be able to log in to the bpm’online application without entering the username or the password of the account.


  • Log in to the system as the authenticated domain user using the [Log in as domain user] link of the login page.

  • Log in at once, skipping the login page. In this case, the user is forwarded to the main page of the application at once.

The NTLM authentication functionality is available:

  • Only for the users whose application is deployed on-site.

  • Either for the users of the main application or for the self-service portal users.

  • Either for the users who are synchronized with LDAP or bpm’online users.


How Windows authentication works

Setting up Windows authentication

Logging in via Windows authentication

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