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LDAP integration and user authentication in bpm’online

Use synchronization with an LDAP directory to automate user account administration in bpm’online. Users, whose accounts have been synchronized with LDAP, can log in with their domain user name and password.

Bpm’online supports synchronization with Active Directory and OpenLDAP.

The synchronization procedure consists of three stages:

1.Performed once, unless LDAP directory structure changes. The setup is needed to enable the synchronization functionality in the system. Also, you will need to set up Active Directory user filtering. Read more in the “Setting up Active Directory user filters” article.

2.Connecting bpm’online items (i.e. users and organizational structure elements) to the respective items in the LDAP directory. This step is performed when adding new users or organizational roles. You can connect existing bpm’online user accounts or import users from LDAP directory by creating connected records in bpm’online automatically.

3.Synchronization of bpm’online users and organizational structure elements with the connected LDAP directory elements. This step is required to update data in bpm’online in order to reflect changes that occurred in the LDAP directory since the last synchronization. The regular synchronization is performed either automatically, or when initiated by the [Synchronize with LDAP] action in the [Organizational roles] section.


Each organizational role is an element in a tree-like structure of roles, where each element is an organization or a department.


Setting up LDAP integration

Setting up Active Directory user filters

Linking LDAP elements to bpm’online users and roles

Running LDAP synchronization

Setting up user authentication through LDAP


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