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Integration with the MS Exchange service

You can integrate with the MS Exchange service in bpm’online.


Integration with MS Exchange 2010 and higher is supported.

Set up the integration beforehand to work with MS Exchange emails, contacts and calendar. Once the integration is complete, users will be able to configure MS Exchange mailboxes.


To set up connection parameters for email providers, the user must have the right to run the [Access to “Access rights” workspace] system operation. To set up system operation permissions, use the [Operations permissions] section.

Configuring MS Exchange accounts in bpm’online

Setting up the base parameters of the MS Exchange account is identical to setting up the IMAP/SMTP account. Read more >>> 

You can also set up the synchronization of bpm’online contacts and activities with MS Exchange contacts and calendar.


Setting up the MS Exchange email service provider

Synchronizing bpm’online contacts with MS Exchange contacts

Synchronizing the bpm’online calendar with the MS Exchange calendar

Fields that can be synchronized with MS Exchange

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