Set up Telegram integration

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Set up Telegram integration to let contact center agents process messages sent to your Telegram chatbot in Creatio.

Create and set up a Telegram chatbot before configuring a Telegram channel in Creatio. Read more about creating and setting up bots in Telegram documentation.

Note. Before you set up the integration, make sure that the format of Creatio URL in the “Website URL” (“SiteUrl” code) system setting is

If the system setting is empty, leave it as is. In this case, Creatio will populate it when you add the channel.

  1. Click the btn_system_designer.png button to open the System Designer.
  2. Click Chat settings.
  3. Click the btn_chapter_mobile_wizard_new_role.png button in the Channels area. Select “Telegram” in the pop-up menu. This will open a mini page with channel parameters.
  4. Fill out the channel parameters:
    1. Specify the token for your chatbot. The token is generated on Telegram's end.
    2. Set the switch to “Active” to enable the chat message processing in the communication panel.
    3. Select the chat queue that will process the messages that come via this channel.

      Note. To ensure the correct channel operation, make sure your Telegram bot is only used in a single resource. If you are not sure whether the bot is integrated with any other websites or applications, generate a new bot token before you set up the channel in Creatio.

    4. Select the expected channel message language. This will let the agents use quick reply templates in the customer language.
  5. Click Apply.
    Fig. 1 Setting up a Telegram channel