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This documentation is valid for Creatio version 7.16.0. We recommend using the newest version of Creatio documentation.

Set up global search

The Global Search Service is designed to integrate ElasticSearch with Creatio. It performs the following functions:

  • Recording:

Subscribes clients by creating an index in ElasticSearch and saves the connection between the index and the application.

Disconnects clients by removing their index in ElasticSearch.

  • Transporting:

Participates in the indexing process by retrieving data from the application database (DB).

You need to have 2 servers (physical or virtual machines) with Linux OS installed. Docker software is used for deploying the global search components. Use the Docker documentation to learn more about the supported OS.


Depending on your company needs you can use either Docker Community Edition (CE) or Enterprise Edition (EE). Learn more in the Docker documentation.


You need to have basic knowledge of Docker software and Linux OS administration to set up global search.


Server-side system requirements

Setting up the global search service (version 1.7)

Setting up the global search service (version 2.0)

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