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The sets of sections displayed on the bpm’online side panel for different user groups (roles) are called workplaces. You can set up any workplace by creating a list of sections that are necessary for the users in their everyday work. The sections that are not included in it will be hidden from the main application menu.

The list of available workplaces may vary depending on the user group. For example, a [Communications] workplace may include [Activities], [Calls] and [Feed] sections to be available for all system users, and a [Supervisor] workplace may include [Process log] and [Dashboards] sections to be available for the system administrators group only.

Access to the workplaces does not affect the access to the system. The full set of bpm’online sections, including the sections not included in any workplace, will still be available on the application home page.

To access the workplaces setup

1.Open the system designer by clicking the btn_system_designer.png button at the top right corner of the application window.

2.Click the [Workplace setup] link in the [Set up view] navigation block (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 The workplace list


You can:

  • view the list of available workplaces

  • add or modify workplaces

  • configure workplace settings

  • Provide access permissions to the workplace for different functional and organizational user rioles.

How to Set up the workplace list

To set up a sequence of workplaces, select the required record and move it up or down by clicking the btn_move_up.png or btn_move_down.png buttons (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 Changing the workplace position in the list


How to set up workplace

Workplace setup page is used to add a new workplace or edit an existing one.

To add a new workplace, use the [Add user workplace] button (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3 Adding a new workplace


To edit an existing workplace, select it in the workplace list and click [Open] (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4 Editing a workplace


The workplace setup page (Fig. 5) will open.

Fig. 5 The workplace setup page


The [Name] field contains the name of the workplace, for example, “Main”.

How to set up sections in the workplace

You can set up a list of section in the workplace via the toolbar on the Sections detail.

Click the btn_com_add_tab.png button on the detail toolbar to open the window (Fig. 6) that is used to add sections to workplace.

Fig. 6 Adding sections to a workplace


In the window, select the needed sections and click [Select].

To remove a section from a workplace, select the required record in the block and click [Delete] in the btn_marketing_plans_detail_menu.png button menu.

The sequence of the records in the Sections detail is the sequence in which the sections will be displayed in the side panel of the application. To move the required detail record up or down, select it and click the btn_move_up00001.png or btn_move_down00002.png buttons.


Sections configuration is preformed in the section wizard

How to set up user roles that need to access the workplace

Organizational and functional user roles that need to access the workplace are displayed on the User groups detail.

To set up access to the workplace:

1.Go to the [User groups] detail toolbar and click the btn_com_add_tab00003.png button. A window with functional and organizational user roles will be opened (Fig. 7).

Fig. 7 To set up access for user groups to the workplace:



A list of functional and organizational user roles can be configured in the “Users and administration” group of the system designer.

2.Select the roles you need and click the [Select] button. Selected roles will be added to the User groups] detail of the workplace.

As a result. All users of the selected roles will have access to the workplace.


The changes will be applied after the user logs in the next time.

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