Use the portal in the mobile app

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Portal in the mobile app lets you create cases quickly and interact with support agents on the go. The app sends push notifications when the case status changes or an agent sends a new message. You can use the app even if you have no internet access. After the connection is restored, the app uploads the changes to Creatio. Learn more in a separate article: Get started with the mobile app setup.

To get started, install the mobile app. Learn more in a separate article: Install the app.

Launch the app on your device. Then, enter your site URL, tap Next and log in to the site as a portal user (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Log in to the portal in the mobile app

The Cases section lets you:

  • Create cases.

  • Add images and files required for troubleshooting to cases.

  • View details of registered cases.

  • Interact with support specialists.

Create a new case 

  1. Go the Cases section. To do this, tap scr_appeal_buttonmenu.pngCases.

  2. Tap the scr_appeal_buttonadd.png button. This opens the New case box.

  3. Fill out the case profile:

    1. Select the case category to accelerate case classification and transfer cases to dedicated experts faster: “Service request” or “Incident.” The field is required.

    2. Elaborate on the case in the Description field (optional).

    3. Attach files to the case (optional). To do this:

      • Tap the btn_mobile_attach.pngAttach button.
      • Specify the source of the files to attach.
      • Select the relevant files. By default, you can upload files up to 10 Mb. On the Attachments tab of the case record, you can view any attachments added when creating the case or as part of a conversation with support agent.

        Note. The administrator of the main Creatio application can change the maximum attachment file size.

  4. Tap the scr_appeal_buttonapprove.png button.

As a result, a new case will be created and added to support processing queue immediately (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 Registered case list

Note. We recommend filling out the Description field when you create a case to ensure support agents receive the information required to solve the case. If you leave the Description field empty when you create a case, Creatio will populate the field with the value of the Category field.

Reply to messages from support agents 

You receive a push notification when a support specialist sends you a new message. To reply to the message:

  1. Open the Cases section. To do this, tap scr_appeal_buttonmenu.pngCases.

  2. Open the case on which you need to reply.

  3. Go to the Processing tab. Enter the message, attach files if necessary, and tap the scr_appeal_buttonenter.png button.

The app displays conversations with support agents as chats (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3 Dialogue with support agents

Note. Touch & hold to copy, cut, or paste the text when you create a case and interact with support agents. You can copy text fields of the Details section in a similar way.

Search for a case 

You can search for a case by description or number in the case list. To search for cases:

  1. Open the Cases section by tapping the scr_appeal_buttonmenu.png button → Cases.
  2. Tap the btn_mobile_portal_search.png button at the top of the screen. This opens the search bar.
  3. Enter a part of the case number or description in the search bar.
  4. The app displays the index of cases that match the search criteria (Fig. 4). If the app finds no such cases, it displays the “No data” message.
Fig. 4 Search for cases

Customize the case list 

You can customize the appearance of the Cases section list. By default, the list displays:

  • “Title:” case number.
  • “Subtitle:” case status and solution time.
  • “Additional columns:” case description.

To customize the appearance of list columns:

  1. Open the Cases section by tapping the scr_appeal_buttonmenu.png button → Cases.
  2. Tap the btn_mobile_portal_settings.png button at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the “Customize” item on the setup page or tap the Edit button (Fig. 5).
    Fig. 5 Customize the list in the mobile app
  4. Tap the column toggles to display the columns in the list (Fig. 6).

      Note. If you want the title, subtitle, or additional columns to display different case data in the case list, contact the administrator.

      Fig. 6 Set up the columns to display in the case list


      If you hide all available columns, the app applies the default list appearance.