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Version: 8.1

Customize modal windows

Level: beginner

The purpose of the modal box is to display data in a dialog box.

The modal box behaves as follows:

  • The page from which the modal box was called remains open.
  • Creatio does not go to a new page.
  • The browser history does not record the page the modal box displays.

The modal box lets you:

  • Display any information. For example, text, buttons, etc.

  • Select data from a lookup. For example, the modal box displays the contact lookup to select the activity owner.

The modal box includes the following components:

  • The ModalBox and ModalBoxSchemaModule schemas of the NUI package that implement the functionality of the modal box.
  • The LookupUtilitiesV2 schema of the NUI package that implements calls to the modal box for selecting lookup data.

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