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Overview of Lead and Opportunity Management app

Use Lead and Opportunity Management app to manage the entirety of your sales funnel, from the moment marketing team qualifies a specific need to closing the deal. The app provides a ready-to-use framework for handling both lead and opportunity records. 

In Creatio, lead is a qualified need for products or services that is linked to a valid contact or account. Learn more about lead generation and management process in Creatio: Lead generation and management in Creatio

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Fig. 1 Lead and Opportunity Management app
Fig. 1 Lead and Opportunity Management app

Use the Leads section to work with the needs of potential and existing customers. Creatio maintains information on customer needs, tracks their sources, and automates lead qualification, management, and handoff to sales using an out-of-the-box lead management process. Use the process to manage the lead according to best practices or customize the process further using no-code tools.

You can take advantage of machine learning technology to speed up lead processing and increase the number of conversions. Creatio AI uses historical patterns and available lead data to score leads and recommend products to accounts and contacts. This lets you ensure only sales-ready leads are converted to opportunities and you offer the most relevant products to customers. The AI algorithms support no-code customization.

Use the Opportunities section to close deals with leads who are ready to purchase your goods or services. Creatio lets you manage extensive information about each opportunity, including need, competitors, insights, and products. Follow the out-of-the-box business process that provides the best practice frameworks for closing opportunities, customize the process, or create your own opportunity management framework from scratch using no-code tools.

Lead And Opportunity Management app keeps a complete history of each lead and opportunity as well as the timeline of all interactions, including documents, calls, meetings, correspondence, feed discussions, files, and comments.

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