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Version: 8.1All Creatio products

Import data from landing pages and web forms

Use import from web pages and web forms to update and expand the database continuously. You can integrate Creatio with any landing page or web page that contains a web form and can send data via webhooks.

You can use web pages to add records to Creatio objects related to sales funnel or customer service. For example, you can use a page that contains special subscription offers, shopping cart page, user registration page, or multimedia download page as landing page. Creatio can add contacts, accounts, cases, leads, orders, and other records based on data retrieved from the submitted web form.

Creatio has out-of-the-box integration with page builder that enables no-code developers to easily map landing page fields directly to a Creatio object. Also you can set up integration with any page builder or other service that supports webhook functionality.

The general procedure to integrate Creatio with a web page includes the following steps:

  1. Create a page that contains a web form.
  2. Get the API key and connect the landing page to Creatio.
  3. Set up field mapping between the page and Creatio object.

This procedure differs based on your page builder.

Integration with landing pages and web-forms is based on the webhook functionality. After a webhook is received, Creatio starts processing it. The processing mechanism works similarly for all webhook-based services. As a result, Creatio adds the webhook-based records. Learn more in a separate article: Process webhooks in Creatio.

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