Send a test email


Send test emails to preview the email content in an email client and check how the message will look like for your recipients. The marketing email metrics and analytics ignore test emails.

Attention. Verify your email domain before sending a test email. Besides that, specify a valid sender's address in the email.

You can send  test email from the relevant email page or the Content Designer by clicking the Test email button (Fig. 1). We recommend against using words like “Test”, “Hello”, “Checking” as the email subject when sending test emails. The recipient server might perform a series of checks that could mark such emails as spam. We recommend preparing the test email content of the same quality as the content intended for the end recipients.

Fig. 1 Sending test emails from the email page
  1. Open the email in the section list. Click the Test email button on the Template tab (Fig. 1).
  2. Enter the recipient email addresses  in the Test email(s) will be sent to email addresses field, enter email addresses where the test email will be sent. field. Use commas “,” or semicolons ”;” as separators.
  3. In the Recipient's contact for testing macros field, specify the contact whose data will be used in the test email.
     You can generate the test email's macros based on a contact connected to one of several objects. Specify the object in the Audience source field at the top of the email page. The name of the Recipient's contact for testing macros field changes depending on the object you selected. For example, if you select the “Lead” value in the Audience source field, the field name will change to Recipient's lead for testing macros. You can select any contact that is connected to the object.
    By default, if you select the “Contact” object in the Audience source field, the campaign will use the contact specified in the “Test email recipient” (“TestSendingBulkEmailContact” code) system setting.

    Note. Creatio stores the values you entered in the previous steps. Should you need to send the test email again, Creatio will populate these fields automatically. You will be able to either use those values once more or update them.

  4. Click Send.

As a result, the test email will be sent to the specified addresses. You can send test emails from the Content Designer in a similar way.

If you send test emails with dynamic content, the “Send test email” window will display a Test email template settings field (Fig. 2). Choose between sending the current email template version or all template versions in this field.

Fig. 2 Sending a test email with dynamic content

Note. Learn more about how to create emails with dynamic content in the Configure dynamic content for marketing emails article.