Integrate with landing pages and web forms


Landing page is a page on your website for gathering information from website visitors and creating records in Creatio based on the information. Creatio can connect to your landing pages and use the information to generate system records. For example, generate a potential customer database and nurture the leads before handing them off to sales.

Attention. Creatio supports integration with CMS that enables adding custom HTML and JavaScript code. You will need an additional connector to integrate with other CMS (for example, WordPress). Learn more in Creatio Community and Marketplace.

Using landing pages, you can set up registration of any system object that is involved in leading a customer to sale in Creatio. Based on the data retrieved from the submitted web forms, Creatio can create leads, contacts, accounts, and other system records. For example, you can use your website page containing special subscription offers, shopping cart page, user registration page, or multimedia download page as your landing page.

Note. This instruction article is based on a typical example of using landing pages and web forms to gather leads. Register other Creatio objects in the same manner.

The general procedure for Creatio landing integration includes several steps:

  1. Create landing pages based on general rules and recommendations.
  2. Connect your landing page to Creatio and set up the field mapping between the lead page and the landing page form. To set up the connection of the landing page to Creatio, copy the unique code generated in Creatio for your landing page and paste it into your website page code. The field mapping between the landing page and the lead page will be done through the HTML code you embedded in your landing page. As a result, each lead generated from the landing page of your website will automatically be saved in the Leads section for further nurturing in Creatio.
  3. Set up the landing forms processing. The form filled out by your customers will only provide the information that will be used in Creatio. Depending on the purpose of the landing page, you can set up the autofill feature for some of the lead page fields. For example, the subscription form for your hardware special offer can automatically be connected to the Hardware need type. You can simplify the process of filling out the registration form on the landing page for the bulk email recipients by setting up a preliminary autofill of the required fields with data available in Creatio, for example, name, email, phone number, etc.
  4. Set up tracking to enrich the customer profile with the website events and track lead channels and sources. To set up tracking, insert a special tracking code in the HTML source code of each page of your website.