bpm’online 7.14.4 release notes

We at bpm’online are constantly working to deliver advanced capabilities to accelerate your sales, service, and marketing processes. Here are the new features included in bpm’online version 7.14.4.

The update guide is available in a separate article.

Discover all of the upcoming features and improvements to our product range on the upcoming release page.

icn_marketing.pngBpm’online marketing

  • We have improved the display of email templates on a marketing email page when using Internet Explorer 11.

  • The response parsing process for emails has been optimized. The errors on the server side will not affect the overall result of collecting responses.

  • Fixed an issue when the apostrophe sign would display as an HTML-code in email subjects and sender names.

  • You can now delete marketing campaigns only if they are in the “Planned” status.

icn_basic_interface.pngCore functions

  • The Excel data import process will now resume automatically if stopped due to restarting the application or clearing Redis cache.

  • You can now stop Excel data import using the [Process log] section. When you cancel the import, the process status changes to “Canceled” and the data import terminates.

  • The [Remind owner] checkbox is now available on activity mini pages. The logic of calculating the reminder date is the same as the one on regular activity pages.

icn_service.pngBpm’online service

  • It is now easier to select an assignee for a case. To see the users of a specific group, hover the mouse cursor over the [Assignee] field and press the [Up] keyboard key.


  • If the URLs for the primary application and the portal are different, bpm’online specifies the URL of the portal in the email invitations to new portal users. To specify the portal URL, use the “Portal hostname” (PortalSiteUrl) system setting.

  • A new [Organization] information field has appeared on the portal user page in the primary application. You can use it to see which organization the portal user belongs to.

The [Organization] field on the portal user page in the primary application


icn_mobile.pngMobile application

  • You can now open bpm’online links in the mobile app. When you tap a bpm’online link on a mobile device that does not have bpm’online mobile app installed, the link will open in the web browser.

  • When working with subordinate folders in the mobile app, you can now switch back to the previous level.

  • The mobile app now displays custom summary columns (e.g., the total number of records, total sum, etc.) that were configured in the primary application. When displaying the summaries, bpm’online applies the filters that have been specified for the section. This functionality is also available offline.

The [Invoices] section summaries displayed in the mobile app



  • You can now open the change log from a record edit page using the [View change log] action. The action is available under the [Actions] button of a record page for users with the “View change log” system operation permissions. Logging for the corresponding objects must be enabled. Using the change log, you can also compare data before and after applying changes.

Change log opened from a contact record


icn_development.pngDevelopment tools

  • You can now create details with multiple values (connection of “many-to-many”) using a separate junction table. For example, multiple values are available for selection in the [Activity results] lookup.

  • The link to WindowsBase build will be deleted in bpm’online version 7.15.2 during the compilation due to API becoming outdated. The WindowsBase build was used in the old versions of the OpenXML library. If you use the functionality of this build, switch to an alternative API or transfer your code to an external build that will reference WindowsBase.

  • The performance of compiling configurations with replacing objects of the base configuration has been improved.

  • We have expanded requirements for the correct operation of applications on-site. Before you update to version 7.14.4, download and install .NET Core SDK 2.2.300 to ensure the correct compilation of the application. Grant permissions to read, create and delete files and the embedded catalogs for the \Terrasoft.WebApp\Terrasoft.Configuration catalog to the user who runs the application pool in IIS.

Download 32-bit .NET Core SDK 2.2.300

Download 64-bit .NET Core SDK 2.2.300