bpm’online 7.13.2 release notes

We at bpm’online are constantly working to deliver advanced capabilities to accelerate your sales, service, and marketing processes. Here are the new features included in bpm’online version 7.13.2.

The update guide is available in a separate article.

Here are the new features included in bpm’online version 7.13.2:

icn_marketing.pngBpm’online marketing

Bulk emails

  • You can now create bulk emails with dynamic content: your emails will show different content, based on the recipient’s segment.

Create segmentation rules for your bulk email audience, and send personalized emails to each segment.

Send test emails with one or more dynamic content blocks and ensure compatibility between them in all possible segmentation scenarios.

Preview your templates and select different content combinations to troubleshoot styling, formatting, and data.

Analyze the click map for each dynamic content block to track user activity across all segments.

Dynamic content in a bulk email template


icn_basic_interface.pngCore functions

Global search

  • Values in lookup columns now update automatically in global search results. For example, if an account name has been modified while merging duplicates, global search results in the [Contacts] section will now display updated value in the corresponding [Account] column.

Predictive data analysis

  • If data selection rules are identical for both training and prediction, it is no longer necessary to configure them separately — set up the training selection rules in the [Advanced tools to add columns] block and bpm’online will use same rules for prediction automatically.  

Duplicate search

  • Duplicate search mechanism has been updated for Oracle Database and Postgre SQL applications and now includes all features previously available only for MS SQL applications. Starting from version 7.13.2, all bpm’online applications will enable you to:

Configure duplicate detection rules, and search for duplicates instantly when new records are added in bpm’online.

Run mass search for duplicates in the [Accounts], [Contacts] and [Leads] sections.

Merge duplicates or keep unique records in search results.

Merge duplicates in section lists.

Merging contact record duplicates


icn_portal.pngCustomer portal

  • You can now configure customer portal sections via the section wizard. Portal section page settings will be displayed in the wizard once you add the necessary section to the “Portal” workplace.

Configuring the [Requests] section on the customer portal


  • Access permissions to section details for portal users are added automatically.

icn_mobile.pngMobile application

  • Mobile devices on Android 8.0 (and up) will now support background synchronization in the mobile application.


  • Sync logic has been improved to support recurring meetings from the MS Exchange calendar. All changes made to recurring meetings in bpm’online will be reflected in the MS Exchange calendar as well.

icn_business_procecces.pngBusiness processes

  • While working with versioned processes, bpm’online now stores the information about the current version in the package that contains the process schema. The changes in the current process version will now be transferred from the development environment to the production environment as part of the package. If the current version of the same process exists simultaneously in several packages, bpm’online will determine the most recent version based on the hierarchy of packages.

  • Fixed an issue where the completion of a sub-process did not trigger the termination of the parent process. Previously, both process instances would remain in the “Active” status, with no elements left to complete.

  • Fixed an issue where re-saving a process could stop its execution on the [Parallel gateway (AND)] element with several incoming flows.

Web services

  • You can now specify the header and cookie data types while configuring the response parameters of a web service.

  • The OAuth 2.0 authentication setup page now displays FAQ links.

icn_user_settings.pngUser customization tools


  • It is now possible to add tables with report data in the header of a report template.

Content designer

  • The content designer has been re-imagined completely, and now enables you to:

Specify character and line spacing using numerical values.

Customize paragraph indent in text blocks — now you can specify a random number of pixels instead of the standard 40 pixels indent.

Customize the height, width and horizontal alignment settings for images.

Create buttons in the content designer — customize the button text, size, indents, color, borders, as well as the background color or image.

Email template setup



  • If a user does not have sufficient rights to perform a system operation, the bpm’online will now prompt the name of the operation. A shortcut to the [Operations permissions] section will be available in the corresponding dialog for system administrators.

  • As of 7.13.3, bpm’online will stop supporting IIS 7 and 7.5 (Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2). Starting with 7.13.3, bpm’online will support IIS version 8 and up (Windows Server 2012 and up).

icn_development.pngDevelopment tools

  • Object schemas in a configuration with a complex package hierarchy will now be saved faster.  

  • Bpm’online now supports the latest .Net Framework version — 4.7.2. Update the application server to version 4.7.2 to ensure the correct operation of bpm’online.

  • Operations that execute for extended periods of time are now performed in the background with the help of our new API. Learn more in the “Background operations” article.