Install Field Module for Creatio


The Field Module for Creatio add-on can automate field staff tasks.

This lets you:

  • Plan field staff meetings (“visits”).
  • Build optimal routes between the meeting locations on the map.
  • Maintain the visit agenda and guidelines.
  • Keep a record of the employee’s activities during the visit.
  • Create custom visit agenda and guidelines.

Field staff uses Creatio mobile app in the field to record the meeting time frame and conduct presentations during a visit. Field Module for Creatio is fully compatible with all Creatio products. Use it as a framework for custom field apps. For example, field banking or field service.

Install the app from the marketplace to access the field functionality. To do so:

  1. Click btn_system_designer.png in the main Creatio application.
  2. Click Installed applications. This will open the application management page.
  3. Click Add applicationChoose from Marketplace.
  4. Install the Field module for Creatio app.

If your Creatio application is deployed on-site, make sure that the application is not restricted from accessing the Internet, before you install Field module for Creatio. To do so:

  1. Grant access to the website
  2. Install the Field module for Creatio app:

    Learn more in a separate article: Install applications from the Marketplace.

Attention. To access the field sales functionality, all field staff members must be licensed separately.