[Throw signal] intermediate event

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The Throw signal intermediate event (Fig. 1) is used to broadcast signals that can be caught by corresponding process elements in any business process. It works in the same manner as the Throw message intermediate event, but unlike the latter, the signal of the Throw signal intermediate event is sent to all active processes in Creatio.

Fig. 1 Throw signal intermediate event


For example, after finishing processing an order as part of one process, you can notify all other processes that a new order has been processed.

This signal will advance another process to the shipment document preparation stage (Fig. 2)

Fig. 2 Activating the Wait for signal intermediate event


At the same time, the same Throw signal event will initiate a “post-order survey” process

Fig. 3 Activating the Signal start event


[Throw signal] intermediate event operation 


When the element incoming flow is activated, the Throw signal event broadcasts its signal and activates its outgoing flows. As a result:

  • All Wait for signal elements in the “Custom signal” mode that await the generated signal and whose incoming flows have been activated - will activate their outgoing flows.

  • All business processes whose starting element is Signal start event in the “Custom signal” mode, which awaits the generated signal - will start.


After broadcasting the signal, the Throw signal element activates its outgoing flows.

[Throw signal] intermediate event parameters 

Which signal is generated?

Enter the name of the signal event that will be broadcast. Make sure that the signal name (Fig. 4) matches the name(s) of the signal(s) specified in the Signal field of the Wait for signal (Fig. 5) and the Signal start event (Fig. 6).

Fig. 3 Specifying the name of a signal that activates the Wait for signal intermediate event(s) or the Signal start event in the corresponding business processes


Fig. 4 Example of the Wait for signal intermediate event that catches the corresponding signal


Fig. 5 Example of the Signal start event that is triggered by the corresponding Throw signal event