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Lead generation from landing pages and web forms

Landing page is a standalone website page that is designed for a call to action, a specific goal usually related to a marketing campaign. Creatio can connect to your landing pages and use the captured visitor data to add new records. For example, this lets you generate a prospect database and nurture potential leads before handing them off to sales.

Creatio has out-of-the-box integration with page builder. This builder has a drag-and-drop designer that enables a marketer to create landing pages of any complexity that contain registration forms without the involvement of a developer. Landing pages collect submissions and generate a pool of contacts for tracking and nurturing their needs as well as preparing leads for sales departments. You can easily map landing page fields directly to a Creatio object. This way all collected data is imported to Creatio within a few minutes and is ready for further processing. Learn more: Import data from Landingi web page. You can import data to any Creatio section including custom sections, for example, Prospects, Applications, Requests, etc.

Since a marketer needs to expand the base of potential customers, we recommend importing data to Submitted forms section. If Creatio does not include a contact that has corresponding data, a new record is added based on the submitted form. A contact can submit multiple forms, for example, when participating in different marketing campaigns. Any form submitted by the contact is added to the Submitted forms expanded list on the contact page automatically. When creating a submitted form, Creatio analyzes the UTM marks and determines its source and channel.

You can set up tracking using Matomo to enrich the customer profile using website events. The reports include the search engines and keywords the visitors used, the language they speak, the pages they like, and the files they download. You can also identify contacts who follow links in bulk emails. Learn more: Matomo tracking solution

If you already use another landing page builder or your own website to create and publish landing pages that contain registration forms that support the ability to send data using webhooks, you can also connect them to Creatio. Learn more: Set up external webhook service integration

The general procedure to integrate Creatio with a landing page includes the following steps:

  1. Open the needed section. For example, Contacts.

  2. Click Data importWeb forms and pages in the top right (Fig. 1).

    Fig. 1 Import data from web forms and pages
    Fig. 1 Import data from web forms and pages
  3. Click Get your API key (Fig. 2).

    Fig. 2 Get the API key for Landingi integration
    Fig. 2 Get the API key for Landingi integration
  4. Connect the landing page to Creatio and set up the field mapping between the page and Creatio object.

  5. Test the integration by submitting the form on the landing page.

  6. Set up tracking to enrich the customer profile using website events (optional).

Learn more: Import data from landing pages and web forms

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