Working with the Studio Free process library

Studio Free

All business processes belonging to your organization are stored in the process library, which enables you to:

  • Easily navigate the entire list of business processes.
  • Add new business processes to your library by creating or importing them
  • Organize business processes in a hierarchical structure
  • Search for processes and folders

Click process_library_button.png to toggle the process library panel. A list of all folders and processes that belong to your organization will be displayed on the left-hand side of the application.

Open process library

Create a business process 

Click add_icon.png to add a new folders or processes, as well as import *.bpmn files to the library.

Note. In the process library, the root “All processes” folder is created by default and cannot be modified.

Create new folder

Configure the folder structure 

You can organize your folders by creating a folder tree.

Select the root folder, click add_icon00001.png, and select “Folder” to create a subordinate folder.

Create subordinate folder

Click add_icon00002.pngand select “Process” to add a new process to a specific folder, select the folder.

Add process

Drag and drop processes (or folders) to move them from one location to another. Moving an entire folder will also move all its contents.

Move folder

To delete or rename a folder / process, click process_library_folder_menu.png and select the necessary option in the list. Additionally, you can import a process from a *.bpmn file or add it directly into the selected folder.

Delete folder

Attention. Deleting a folder will delete all its contents, i.e. all other processes and folders in it.

Find a process 

To search for folders and processes, click search_icon.png and start typing your request. The process library panel will show a list of folders and processes that match search criteria.

Click a list item to open it.

Search library