Trace process parameters

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Process element parameters determine the behavior of the element in each particular process instance. Tracing the actual parameter values that were used in a specific process instance is a great way to test and debug business processes in Creatio.

You can enable tracing for a particular process by selecting the Trace enabled checkbox on the process properties page of the Process library section. Trace data becomes available on the Process elements detail of the process log page for all process instances that have been run while the checkbox is selected.

Attention. Parameter data can be traced for the following process elements: all elements in the “User actions” group, as well as the Read data, Add data, Modify data, Delete data, Change access rights, Call web service, and Subprocess elements.

Attention. Process tracing should only be enabled for a short period of time to avoid negative impact to performance.

To trace process parameter values:

  1. Enable parameter value tracing for that process:

    1. Open the Process library section.

    2. Select the needed process and click Properties.

    3. Select the Trace enabled checkbox on the process properties page.

    4. Save changes made to the process properties page.

  2. Run the process.

  3. Go to the Process log section.

  4. Open the process log entry for the process instance that you just run.

  5. On the Process elements detail, select a process element whose parameter values you need to check.

  6. Click the Show trace data button (Fig. 1).

    Fig. 1 – Viewing parameter information of a process element
    Show trace data

As a result, a parameter trace dialog will open, showing values for all parameters of the process element, before and after element execution (Fig. 2). The trace data are shown in the JSON format. The trace log displays both the element parameters and the process parameters before and after element execution.

Fig. 2 – Parameter trace data of a process element
Show trace dtaa window

For example, according to the text on the figure, the value of the “Approval objective” parameter has changed from empty to “Approve contract specification,” the value of the “Delegation permitted” parameter changed from “False” to “True,” etc.