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Use the timeline to get chronological insights into your customer history. The Timeline tab (Fig. 1) provides quick access to information about tasks, communications, additional materials, and other linked objects in Creatio.

This tab is available by default in the following sections:

  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Cases.
Fig. 1 Example of the Timeline tab

Note. You can add the Timeline tab to other Creatio sections using developer tools. Read more >>> 

The timeline displays linked records in chronological order. The following types of records are displayed on the timeline:

  • tasks
  • calls
  • emails
  • feed messages
  • files
  • links
  • contracts
  • documents
  • projects.

In some sections, the timeline displays additional types of records. The timeline content is determined by the Creatio product and section specifics. For example, in bank products, the history of the customer's cases, invoices, and cards is also displayed in the timeline.

Timeline controls:

btn_com_menu_period.png – apply filter by date

btn_timeline_filter.png – apply filter by record type

The records on the Timeline tab are displayed as a list. Click a record title or the btn_timeline_open_object_page.png button to open the connected record.

Depending on the text volume, the list records may be displayed in a “collapsed” view mode. You can expand a collapsed record by clicking the Show more button.

The timeline records are grouped by months. By default, newer records are displayed first. You can sort records by date in ascending or descending order using the Date btn_timeline_sort_by_date_desc.png or the Date btn_timeline_sort_by_date_asc.png buttons.

Filter the timeline 

The following quick filters are available in the timeline:

  • by date

  • by assignee

  • by linked object type

The number over the pipeline icon indicates the number of timeline record types currently selected. (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 Applying filter by timeline record type

Search the timeline 

Use the search string on the Timeline tab to find timeline records quickly. The search string looks up for feed messages and email texts (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3 Search by the keyword

Refreshing or closing the page will reset the timeline search.