Run a business process

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Use the following tools to run a Creatio process manually:

Learn more about how system administrators can run business processes in a separate article: Run a process or a process step.

Note. Regardless of the tool, you can only run business processes that can be launched manually, provided you have the corresponding permissions. Learn more in a separate article: Set up the permissions to run a process.

Once a business process is run, Creatio adds a new process instance that starts executing process steps. These steps can include include opening record pages, creating activities, etc.

Creatio terminates the business process instance when the end event is triggered on the process diagram. You can start and stop business processes manually or have them start automatically.

Attention. You can run only active published processes with the “Business Process” tag manually. Processes of other types cannot be run manually. If you try to run an unpublished or inactive process, Creatio displays an error message.

Run a process from the command line 

  1. Enter Run process followed by the process name in the command line (Fig. 1).

    Fig. 1 Run a process from the command line
  2. Click the btn_param_window_change.png button.

    Note. Learn more about the command line functionality in a separate article: Search records and run commands.

Run a process from the side panel 

  1. Click the btn_com_sidebar_start_process.png button on the side panel.

  2. Select a process to run (Fig. 2).

    Fig. 2 Run a process from the side panel using the run process button

Note. Specify whether you can run the process using the btn_com_sidebar_start_process00001.png button on the process properties page of the Process library section.

To run a process that is unavailable in the btn_com_sidebar_start_process00002.png button index:

  1. Select Another process (Fig. 3). This opens a box.

    Fig. 3 Select the command that runs a process
  2. Select a process in the box that opens and click Run.

    Note. The same box opens when you click the btn_com_main_menu.png button in the side panel and select Run process.

Run a process from a section or record page 

If a section has an index of processes you can run from the section set up, Creatio displays the Run process button in the section toolbar.

To run a process from a section:

  1. Click New process.

  2. Select a process to run (Fig. 4).

    Fig. 4 Run a process from a section

Creatio displays the same process index on the record page when you click Process on the toolbar (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5 Run a process from a record page

Run a process for multiple records in a section 

You can run a section business process for multiple records at once. To do this:

  1. Open the section where you want to run a process for multiple records, e. g., Contacts.
  2. Click ActionsSelect multiple records.
  3. Select the needed records.
  4. Click Run process on the section toolbar and select the needed process.

    Note. The Run process button menu displays all processes you can run from the section. The processes in the menu are grouped by start type: from the section and from a record.

Fig. 6 Run a process for multiple section records

As a result, Creatio will run a separate process instance for every selected record. If one of the instances fails, other instances will continue running.

Run a process automatically 

Processes can be run automatically when certain events occur. These events include adding, modifying and deleting records. In this case, you do not need to run the process manually.

Set up the automatic process start after an event in the Process Designer.