Setting up bpm’online Facebook integration

Only “on-site” bpm’online applications require Facebook integration setup. In applications that have been deployed “cloud”, Facebook authorization is performed once when working with the system for the first time.

Setting up the bpm’online application on Facebook is done in several steps:

   Setting up the bpm’online account in Facebook

   Entering Facebook key into bpm’online

   Configuring shared Facebook accounts in bpm’online


First two steps must be performed once by the system administrator.

Setting up the bpm’online account in Facebook

To set up the bpm’online account in Facebook:

1.   Log in to Facebook.

2.   Follow the link.


If you are not registered as a Facebook developer, click the [Register Now] button and perform the registration on the displayed page.

3.   Click the [Create New App] button (Fig. 279).

Fig. 279 Adding a new application to Facebook


4.   As a result, the application type selection window will be displayed. In this window, click the “advanced setup” link (Fig. 280).

Fig. 280 The application type selection window


5.   In the opened window, fill in the following fields (Fig. 281):

a.   [Display Name] – application name, for example, “bpm’online”.

b.   [Category] — select the application category from the list, for example, “Business”.

c.   Click the [Create App ID] button.

Fig. 281 Setting up application properties


6.   Once the security check is complete, the application window will open. It will display the “App ID” and “App Secret” keys generated for the application (Fig. 282). By default, the “App Secret” key is displayed as a mask. To view the key, click the [Show] button and enter your password.

Fig. 282 Application registration keys for Facebook


7.   Go to the [Settings] tab.

8.   In the opened window, fill in the fields (Fig. 283):

a.   [App Domains] – domain name of the website where the application is deployed.

b.   [Contact Email] – email address to which the application notifications will be sent.

Fig. 283 Entering the domain name and email address


9.   Click the [Add Platform] button (Fig. 284).

Fig. 284 The [Add Platform] button


10.   Select “Website” as a platform (Fig. 285).

Fig. 285 Selecting application platform


11.   In the [Site URL] field, specify the full website address you use to log in to bpm’online (Fig. 286). In the [Mobile Site URL] field, you can additionally specify the mobile application access address.

Fig. 286 Entering the website address


12.   To finish the registration of the application on Facebook, click the [Save Changes] button (Fig. 287).

Fig. 287 Saving the application settings on Facebook


13.   To allow all users to use Facebook integration, make the application public. To do that, on the [Status & Review] tab, set the switcher to the [YES] position (Fig. 288).

Fig. 288 Setting up the app publicity


Entering Facebook key into bpm’online

Before registering Facebook keys in bpm’online, clear the checkbox in the “Use shared Facebook application“ system setting.


If the “Use shared Facebook application“ checkbox is selected, the “Facebook access key“ and “Facebook secret access key“ system settings are ignored. In “cloud” applications, the common application – Bpm’online Social is used if the mentioned checkbox is selected.

The keys (“App ID” and “App Secret”, Fig. 282) generated when registering the application must be entered into bpm’online as the values of the system settings included in the “Integration with external resources” folder”:

   In the [Facebook Access Key] field, enter the “App ID” key.

   In the [Facebook Secret Access Key] field, enter the “App Secret” key.

Configuring shared Facebook accounts in bpm’online

When Facebook keys are specified in the system settings, bpm’online users have to authorize once using their Facebook login credential. For example, the authorization window will be displayed when the btn_facebook.png button is clicked on the [Communication options] detail of the contact or account page.

To set up a shared Facebook account for all bpm’online users, perform the following steps:

1.   Open the user profile page by clicking the [User profile] link on the application home page.

2.   Click the [Accounts in external resources] button.

3.   On the displayed page, select an account to be shared for all system users.

4.   Select the [Make shared] option from the [Actions] menu (Fig. 289).

Fig. 289 Configuring a shared Facebook account


As a result, bpm’online will use the specified account to search for information about Facebook contacts.


Only the user who has the permission to perform the “Access to managing shared accounts in the external resources“ operation can configure the shared account.


For your convenience, keep the shared account active. The user who created the account must be logged into Facebook and periodically perform actions connected to bpm’online integration, for example, search for a bpm’online contact on Facebook. If any actions haven't been performed within two months, Facebook will ask to log in again.

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