Set up case statuses

Service Creatio

You can manage the statuses of cases in Creatio using the Case statuses lookup. The Case statuses lookup functions:

  • Create a list of possible states of service cases, e.g., “New,” “In progress,” “Closed,” etc.

  • Set the final state, from which a case cannot transition to other states.

  • Set states indicating that a case has been resolved.

  • Set states that stop the case processing.

The setup procedure is as follows:

  1. Open the system designer by clicking the btn_system_designer.png button.

  2. Go to the System setup block → click Lookups.

  3. Open the contents of the Case statuses lookup.

  4. Edit the properties of case statues directly in the list.

  5. Click btn_edit.png and go to additional parameters and conditions for going from one state to another.

The lookup fields are as follows:


Case status name, that is displayed in the Status field, for example, “In progress“.


Additional information about the case status, that cannot be specified in other fields.

Is final

Indicates that cases in this status have finished processing. By default, the final statuses are “Cancelled” and “Closed”. Closed or cancelled cases cannot be assigned any other statuses.

Is resolved

Indicates that a solution or an answer has been sent to the user. By default this checkbox is selected for the “Resolved” status. If a case is assigned this status, the timer for the resolution deadline stops.

Is paused

Indicates that cases in this status are suspended for some reason, usually because a response or an action from the user is expected. By default, this checkbox is selected for the “Pending” status. The resolution timer is paused for cases that have this status.

Button caption

The caption of the button that changes the case status to the current one. This button is displayed in the list of the Cases section as well as on the case page.

Close on save

If this checkbox is selected, then, whenever the user saves a case in this status, the case page will be automatically closed.

The lookup contents will be used on the case page.