Create an order

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In Creatio, you can add installment plans, product lists, discounts and other data.

To do this:

  1. Open the Orders section.

  2. Click New order.

  3. On the page that opens, specify the order recipient in the Customer required field. In the field, you can select a value from the existing contacts and accounts.

  4. Go to the Products detail and add a list of goods and services included in the order. There are several methods of doing this:

    1. Click btn_com_add_tab.png to open the product selection page.

    2. Quick action menu of the btn_detail_menu.png button → Add.

      If necessary, add a discount on specific products in the Discount,% field. Learn more in the “Add products to an invoice or an order” article.

      As a result, the total cost of the order will be calculated in the Amount column.

  5. Go to the Order details tab and add an order installment plan. You can populate the installment plan either manually or via a template. Learn more in the “Add an order installment plan” article.

  6. You can submit orders for approval to other Creatio users (e.g., approve order amount with managers) using the standard approval function. To do this, use the Send for approval action on the order page. The action opens an additional page, where you can select an employee that the document is sent to, and set other approval parameters.  More information about this feature is available in the “Approvals” article.

    After adding any data to any detail, the order will be autosaved. The order number is generated automatically in accordance with the “Order number mask” system setting (OrderCodeMask).