Email personalization guidelines


Email personalization improves the conversion rates and increases your subscribers’ loyalty long-term.

Creatio offers the following types of personalization:

  • macros
  • trigger email
  • audience segmentation
  • audience entry point consideration
  • delivery time range setup.


Using macros in emails lets you:

  • Address the recipients by their names, as well as mention their city, position, company and other variables.
  • Offer them unique promo codes.
  • Change the number of the discount based on the customer’s status.
  • Recommend specific goods based on the customer’s preferences.

You can add macros to the email headers, email preheaders, the sender’s name and email, the body and subject of the email. You can also customize email images using macros.

This approach can improve your users’ loyalty and avoid spam filter due to each of the emails being unique.

Learn more: Personalize email content with macros.

Trigger emails

Trigger emails let you interact with each subscriber based on their behavior on the website or related to the previous emails.

A trigger in this case is an event that initiates sending a personalized email.

The following triggers are used most often for follow-up emails.

Trigger Email subject
Purchase Thank you for purchase
Proceeding to order Order details
No reaction to the email Discount offer
Email subscription A welcome message

Learn more: Set up a tigger email.

Base segmentation

Audience segmentation is useful for tailoring the emails settings based on the audience’s interests and preferences. You can segment your audience based on the following parameters:

  • activity
  • preferences
  • life cycle
  • demographics
  • location.

You can change the email content depending on the recipients’ segment using the dynamic content settings. Audience segmentation in Creatio relies on the information in the contact profile, including location, purchase history, website activities, gender, age, etc. Personal and relevant content ensures the email efficiency in general while decreasing marketing email expenses targeted at separate audience segments.

Learn more: Configure dynamic content for email, Filters.

Entry point

Plan your marketing campaigns to let your customers receive personalized emails based on their current interaction stage with your company’s business and their interest in the company’s products.

When taking the entry of your contacts point into account, you can them send the price list for the services in which they were interested or promos for products similar to those that they already purchased.

Delivery time range

Creatio offers tools for selecting the delivery time range. This can be useful for these scenarios:

  • Sending emails at the convenient time for the user based on their time zone.
  • Finding out the optimal time for sending emails using A/B testing.

Learn more: Set up the delivery time range.