Import / Export process diagrams in Studio Free

Studio Free

You can create a new business process diagram by importing a *.bpmn file. You can also export any business process in Studio Creatio, free edition as a *.bpmn file, or a *.svg or *.png image.

Note. A *.bpmn file is an XML document, describing a BPMN diagram. The XML structure corresponds to the one documented in BPMN 2.0.2 specification. This universal format is supported by most business process editors and is perfect for migrating BPMN processes between different systems.

Import a *.BPMN file 

There are several ways you can import a business process from a *.bpmn file.

  • Drag&drop a *.bpmn file on the Process Designer working area.
Import drag
  • Select a folder and click Import *.bpmn file. Locate and select a local *.bpmn file to import.
Import BPMN A
  • Select a folder in the process library, click process_library_folder_menu.png and select Import from *.bpmn. Locate and select a local *.bpmn file to import.
Import BPMN B
  • Click add_icon.png in the studio toolbar and select Import. Locate and select a local *.bpmn file to import.
Import BPMN C

As a result, a new process will appear in the selected folder.

Export business processes 

To export a business process, select it in the process library, click process_library_folder_menu00001.png and select Export to *.bpmn, Export to *.svg or Export to *.png. This action will download the corresponding file via your browser download UI.

Export BPMN

Business process diagrams that you export from Studio Creatio, free edition to a *.bpmn file can be imported to Studio Creatio, enterprise edition, and other Creatio apps. The imported diagram will become an “executable” business process, which will execute automatic activities and interact with users.