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Version: 8.1

Set up the Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365 services

Level: intermediate

To set up connection parameters for email providers, a user must have the permission to run the “Access to “Access rights” workspace” (“CanManageAdministration” code) system operation. Learn more about using system operations in a separate article: System operation permissions.


Set up the Exchange Listener synchronization service before setting up an email provider.

You can add an email service provider using several methods.

Method 1. Add the provider from the communication panel

  1. Click btn_com_email_tab.png in the communication panel to open the Email tab.

  2. Click btn_products_change_field.png and select the New email account action (Fig. 1).

    Fig. 1 Add a new email account
    Fig. 1 Add a new email account

    You can also add a new email account by selecting the Go to mailbox settings actions under btn_products_change_field00001.png and clicking New on the page that opens.

  3. Enter the email address in the displayed New email account widow, and click Next.

  4. Click the Add New Server button.


    Add the domains of a new provider to the Email providers domains lookup to have Creatio automatically identify this email provider in the future. As a result, users will not have to specify the mail provider manually when setting up an email account.

  5. Click Add on the page that opens Fig. 2).

    Fig. 2 Add a new email provider
    Fig. 2 Add a new email provider
  6. Select “Exchange” in the Service type field on the page that opens.

  7. Fill out the Service address field in the “” format (Fig. 3).

    Fig. 3 Specify the mail service address
    Fig. 3 Specify the mail service address
  8. Fill out the additional settings to set up receiving and sending emails, specify the login format, service name and the authentication method if needed (Fig. 4).


    Setting up passwordless OAuth authentication for Microsoft 365 requires an existing OAuth application. Learn more in a separate article: Set up OAuth authentication for MS Office 365.

    Fig. 4 Additional settings of the mail service
    Fig. 4 Additional settings of the mail service
  9. To enable receiving and sending emails:

    Select the Receive emails and/or Send emails checkbox.

    Select at least one checkbox.

  10. To set up the mailbox login format:

    • Select Use manual entry if users must enter their email address and username.
    • Select Use email address option if the full email address is used as a login, for example, “”
    • Select the Use mailbox name option if the part of the email address before “@” is used as a login. For example, the “test” will be a login for “” email address.
  11. To set up the authentication method:


    Microsoft is deprecating the login and password authentication (Basic Authentication) method since it is obsolete and insecure. We recommend setting up secure OAuth authentication so that you do not lose access to your mailboxes from Creatio.

    • Select “OAuth 2.0” to restrict the service access to protected user resources without the need to pass the login and password. Fill out the Application (client) ID and Client secret required fields.

      Application (client) ID is generated by the Microsoft authentication server. The documentation and API may refer to the application ID as “Product ID.”

      Client secret – a secret key generated by the authentication server. The documentation and API may refer to the client secret as “Product key.”

    • Select “Basic” for the basic authentication using the user name and password with Base64 encryption.

  12. Save the settings.

    As a result, Creatio users will be able to use the email provider to send and receive email messages.

Method 2. Add the email provider from the user profile

  1. Open the user profile page by clicking the Profile image button on the Creatio main page.

  2. Click Email accounts (Fig. 1). This opens a box

    Fig. 1 Open email accounts
    Fig. 1 Open email accounts
  3. Click New in the box that opens.

    Take steps 3–9 described above in Method 1 to complete the setup.


    To delete a mail server, delete its mailboxes (email accounts) first.

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