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Add products


This functionality is available in Lead and Opportunity Management and Order and Contract Management apps as well as Sales product.

The Products section contains information about products and services offered by your company. Use this section to create a product catalog, specify product prices and stock, and store detailed description for each product.

Add a product record

  1. Open the Products section → New. This opens a mini page.

  2. Fill out the following information about the product on the mini page:


    Parameter value


    Image of the product. Click btn_upload.png to add a new image by using the standard file selection window. We recommend uploading a square image (aspect ratio: 1:1). Click btn_delete.png to remove the image.


    Type of product.


    Name of the product or service. Required.


    Product category, for example, “Hardware” or “Software”. Available only in Order and Contract Management app.

    Unit of measure

    Product measuring unit.


    Price of the product or service. The amount can be specified in any currency. Learn more about the currency conversion: Working with currencies.


    Currency of the product or service. Required.

  3. Click . This saves the product record and opens the main product page.

  4. Specify additional product parameters in the left panel:


    Parameter value


    Product code.


    The employee who is responsible for this product. Creatio populates the field using the record creator automatically, but you can change it if needed.


    The tax rate Creatio uses for this product, for example, “VAT.” Set to “Sales tax” out of the box, but you can change it if needed.


    Indicates that the product cannot be offered to customers. For example, the product was withdrawn from sale or is no longer shipped. Inactive products are not displayed on the product selection page.

  5. Specify the general product information on the General information tab:


    Parameter value


    Link to a web resource related to the product, for example, the product page on the manufacturer's website or in the online shop catalog.

    Short description

    Brief description of the product and its functionality.


    Key benefits of the product.


    Arbitrary notes related to the product.

  6. Click Save.

Specify product availability


The feature is only available for Order and Contract Management app.

Use the Availability expanded list on the product page to enter information about the number of products available at the warehouses. If you store products in multiple warehouses, the number of products in stock, reserved products, and products on hand are displayed for each product.

You can fill out the list manually. If you set up an integration with a third-party system, the information from your external account can appear in the list automatically. To add a record to the list, click btn_new.png below the records of the Availability expanded list and fill out the record fields:


Parameter value


The warehouse where the product is stored.

In stock

The total quantity of the product stored in the warehouse.


Reserved quantity of products.


Product quantity that can be sold.

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