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Version: 8.1MarketingSales Creatio

Lead FAQ

How can I assign the owner of a lead?

A lead must have an owner for the lead management process to work as intended. If you create a lead and do not assign its owner, Creatio adds the “Distribute lead” activity to the Next steps component on the lead page. Click Complete next to the activity in the component to assign the lead owner (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Assign a lead owner
Fig. 1 Assign a lead owner

How can I start the lead management process?

The process starts automatically for all newly created records whose Stage field is set to “Marketing qualified lead” and Status field is set to “New.”

How can I customize the out-of-the-box lead management process? How can I add or modify process stages?

You can delete, change, or add process stages as well as change the list of activities in accordance with your needs.

To change the set of stages and transitions between them, edit the “Lead stage” lookup.

To change the list of base activities created during the process execution, replace one of the out-of-the-box business processes with a custom copy.

To do this:

  1. Open the Process library section.

  2. Select the Lead and opportunity management folder.

  3. Select the process you want to customize. The following processes are available:

    • Lead distribution
    • Lead processing
    • Converting the lead into an opportunity
Fig. 2 Open the Lead distribution process
Fig. 2 Open the Lead distribution process
  1. Click Copy in the selected record.

  2. Make the required changes in the copy. Ensure the start event remains the same as the original. You can change or remove other elements as well as add new elements.

  3. Save the copy.

  4. Select the original process → ActionsDisable.

As a result, Creatio will use the edited copy as part of lead management.

Learn more about customizing business processes: BPM tools.

How can I search for duplicates?

You can use the lead duplicate search mechanism to find leads that have similar needs. Creatio displays leads that look like duplicates on the Similar leads expanded list of the lead page. You can delete duplicate leads manually if needed. Learn more: Lead duplicate search.

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