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Work with calendar

The Calendar section of the Productivity app displays activities as an electronic day planner.

Fig. 1 Calendar section
Fig. 1 Calendar section

Activities in the calendar can be filtered in the same manner as records in the list.

Calendar area

The calendar area is divided into hours, days, or months depending on the filter period. The date and day of the week are displayed in the heading of each day column. The current day is highlighted.

The calendar area displays activities as rectangular blocks whose height corresponds to their duration. The current time is highlighted with a red line. To scroll the calendar vertically, use the scrollbar to the right of the calendar or the scroll wheel.

The calendar does not include weekends by default. Click Show weekends to toggle them.

Long activities

An activity is considered long if it lasts more than 24 hours, for example, a business trip or vacation. Such activities are displayed above the calendar (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 Long activity in the Calendar section
Fig. 2 Long activity in the Calendar section

If the start or due date cannot be specified within the time period that the calendar displays, it will display either the start date or the due date of the activity.

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