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Version: 8.1All Creatio products

Manage job experience

Creatio stores the information about a contact’s employment and job experience on the Job experience expanded list on the Contact info tab of the contact page.

To add a job experience record:

  1. Go to the Contacts section and open the page of the needed contact.

  2. Click btn_add.png on the Job experience expanded list. This opens a window that contains multiple fields.


    Field value


    Current contact. The field is non-editable.


    Select the employer of the contact.


    Select the checkbox if this is the contact's main place of work.


    Select the checkbox if the contact currently has this position.

    Job title

    Select the position held by the contact, for example, “Head of department.”

    Full job title

    Enter the exact job title, for example, “Head of sales department.”


    Select the department of the company where the contact works, for example, “Sales.”


    Specify the part of the contact in the decision-making process, for example, “Decision maker” or “Influencer.”


    Enter the date when the employee was assigned to work in this position.


    Enter the date when the employee left the position, if applicable.

    Reason for job change

    Select the reason why the employee decided to accept this position, for example, “Career growth/promotion.”


    Enter additional information about the contact's employment.

  3. Save changes.


If the Job experience expanded list contains a primary job record and you add another primary job record, Creatio clears the Primary checkbox from the previous record.

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