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Version: 8.1All Creatio products

Create an account

In Creatio, an account can be:

  • added manually
  • imported from an *.xlsx file
  • saved manually or automatically during lead qualification (available in Sales Creatio and Marketing Creatio)

The term “account” corresponds to “legal entity” in Financial Services Creatio products. Legal entities include customer companies, partners, competitor banks, subsidiaries, and branches of your bank as well as insurance companies with which you interact. The Accounts section corresponds to the Legal entities section in Financial Services Creatio products.

To add an account record manually:

  1. Open the Accounts section.

  2. Click New. This opens a mini page.

  3. Fill out the main account information:


    Field value


    The official name of the company. The field is required.


    Type of the account depending on its relations with your company, such as “Customer”, “Partner” or “Supplier.” The account types can be used for filtering in other fields, so we do not recommend deleting the values from the Account types lookup.


    The business sphere where the company operates.

    Primary contact

    Name of the main contact person for the account, for example, the manager with whom you work.


    The company website.

    Primary phone

    The primary phone number for contacting this company.

  4. Click btn_open_full_page.png. This opens the main account page.

  5. Add a logo of the account to display on the account page, section list, and feed. To add a logo, click the placeholder image and upload a logo file using the standard file selection window. We recommend uploading a square image, i. e. image that has a 1:1 aspect ratio. Hold the pointer over the image and click btn_update.png to upload a new logo or btn_delete.png to remove the logo.

  6. Specify how important the account is for your company in the Category field. For example, “A” means highest importance, “D” means lowest importance.

  7. Fill out the following fields on the Account info tab:

    Field name

    Field value

    Also known as

    Aliases or additional names of the account, for example, the abbreviation of the company name.

    Business entity

    Type of the legal entity of the company, for example, “LLP”, “Ltd.”, or “Inc.”

    Annual revenue

    Possible annual revenue range of the company, for example, “11–15 million” or “16–20 million.”

    No. of employees

    The approximate number of employees in the company, for example, “51–100” or “501–1000.”

  8. Specify the addresses and communication options of the account. Learn more: Manage communication options and addresses.

  9. Click btn_add.png on the Banking details expanded list to specify the payment details of the company.

    Field name

    Field value


    Name of the company whose banking details are given. The field is non-editable.


    Name or type of the account's banking information, for example, “Main account.”


    Name of the company CEO.

    Chief accountant

    Name of the company chief accountant.


    Country where the banking details of the account are registered. If the country has a specific template for banking details in the Countries lookup, the template appears in the Banking details field.

    Banking details

    Complete information about the account's banking details, for example, account number, SWIFT number, ABA Code, etc.


    Additional information about the banking details.

  10. Click btn_add.png on the Contacts expanded list to add a new contact that is affiliated with the account. Learn more: Create a contact. The new contact will have the account specified as the place of work in the Job experience expanded list.

  11. Click the btn_relationships.png to add relationships between the account and other accounts and contacts. Learn more: Add relationships between accounts and contacts.

  12. Save changes.

As a result, Creatio will add an account record. You will be able to update the account details at any moment.

When you save an account, a duplicate search page might open. It means that this record might already exist in Creatio. You can edit the new record or indicate that the records found are not duplicates of the newly saved record.

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