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Version: 8.0Service Creatio

Work with service cases in the mobile app

The Cases section (Fig. 1) in the mobile app is used for managing cases (incidents and service requests, claims, etc.) received by the help desk or contact center.

Fig. 1 Case section
Fig. 1 Case section

To open the Cases section, tap the btn_mobile_case.png button on the mobile app main menu.

The section is available by default in any mobile app synchronized with a desktop Creatio product that has the Cases section. There is no need to set it up in the mobile application wizard. The Cases section enables you to:

  1. register cases (for example, create internal service requests),

  2. view case status,

  3. add information about case resolution,

  4. post messages on the customer portal,

  5. escalate cases (only for applications synchronized with Service Creatio, enterprise edition).

The following fields are displayed by default for each record in the list of the Cases section: Subject, Registration date, Number, Status, and Description. The icon at the right of the case record represents case Priority:

  1. btn_mobile_low.png Low.

  2. btn_mobile_medium.png Medium.

  3. btn_mobile_high.png High.

  4. btn_mobile_critical.png critical.

Tap the btn_mobile_dropdown.png button at the top right of the list record to display the quick action menu. The Cases section features the case feed accessible via the action menu.


You can configure the list via the mobile application wizard, available in the system designer of the desktop application.

The Cases section has the standard search field and filter options.

Create a new case

To register a new case:

  1. Tap btn_mobile_case00004.png to open the Cases section.

  2. Tap the btn_mobile_add00005.png button. The case page will open.

  3. Fill out the required fields:

    1. Specify the case subject.

    2. Select the customer for this case in the Contact or Account field. One of these fields must be populated. If the Account field is populated, the list of contacts will display only the contacts of this account. If the Contact field is filled in, the Account field is automatically filled in with the account specified for this contact.

  4. Complete the case profile:

    1. Select the case category (incident or service request).

    2. Specify the assignee or assignee group for the case.

  5. Save the case.

As a result, a new Creatio case will be added. Creatio automatically generates the case number by a pattern specified in the “Case number mask” system setting (CaseCodeMask).

The Attachments detail (Fig. 2) contains files and links related to the case. Tap  and select an attachment file.

Fig. 2 Attachments group
Fig. 2 Attachments group

You can also add case attachments using the Add file or link action () in the actions menu of the record.

Process a case

Mobile application functions enable you to post messages in the case feed (for internal communications) or communicate with the case customer on the portal. If your mobile app is synchronized with a product that contains service enterprise functions, you can also escalate cases.

Post internal messages

There are two ways of posting messages message in the feed:

  1. From the main menu:  tap btn_mobile_case00006.png to open the cases section, locate the needed case and tap btn_mobile_dropdown00007.png button, then select the Go to Feed command (Fig. 3).

    Fig. 3 Case feed menu
    Fig. 3 Case feed menu
  2. From an opened case page: tap btn_mobile_case_actions00009.png, then tap the Go to Feed command.

    Once the feed page opens, tap btn_mobile_add00011.png to post a new message. Type the message and tap the Publish button.

Reply to the case customer

To post a message on the self-service portal:

  1. To access a case from the main menu, tap btn_mobile_case00012.png → the required case record in the section list.

  2. To access the portal from the case page:  tap btn_mobile_case_actions00013.png Post message on the portal.

    Once the portal page opens, type the message and tap the Publish button.

Escalate the case

To escalate a case to another support level:

  1. To access a case from the main menu, tap btn_mobile_case00015.png → the required case record in the section list.

  2. To access the escalation from an opened case page, tap btn_mobile_case_actions00016.png Escalate (Fig. 4). Specify the support line and new assignee or assignees group on the opened escalation page (one of the fields has to be filled in).

    Fig. 4 Case escalation
    Fig. 4 Case escalation

View processing history

This detail displays the history of communications with the case customer, as well as internal communications and automatic notifications. The processing history includes:

  1. Emails sent and received during the case resolution process.

  2. Internal notes posted by employees in the case feed.

  3. Messages posted by employees and portal users on the customer portal.

    The detail also contains system messages that inform you about various system-wide events that are connected to the case.

    Fig. 5 Processing history screen
    Fig. 5 Processing history screen

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