Set up MS Word report - general procedure

All Creatio products

Use the MS Word reports to generate print-ready documents based on the section records. For example:

  • Use reports of the Contracts section to print contracts.

  • Use reports of the Contacts section to print contact summaries.

  • Use reports of the Activities section to print out emails, minutes of meetings, etc.

You can export reports as *.docx files. Use Microsoft guides to protect the exported report files from editing.

To set up an MS Word report as per the standard procedure:

  1. Install Creatio plug-in for MS Word Read more >>>

  2. Create a new MS Word report in Creatio Select the section where the report will be available. Set up a list of Creatio database columns whose data will be pulled to your report. Read more >>>

  3. Set up the report in the MS Word plug-in and upload it in Creatio Here you can set up the report layout: page layout, text formatting, tables, etc. Read more >>>