Create a document

Sales Creatio

Use the Documents section to manage incoming and outgoing documents, register their numbers, save scan copies, etc.

The records from the Documents section will supplement customer communication history, display on the Timeline tab and help build a complete customer or deal profile. Use the section quick filters to search for the needed document:

  • By date (the Date field of the document page).

  • By owner (the Owner field of the document page).

To create a new document:

  1. Go to the Documents section.

  2. Click the New document button.
    A new document page opens, with the automatically generated document number. Creatio generates document numbers according to the  “DocumentCodeMask” system setting. A new document page will have the following default values in its fields:

    1. Number – the number of the new document.

    2. Status – “Active.”

    3. Date – the user’s current date.

    4. Owner – the current user’s contact.

  3. Populate the Type field by specifying what kind of document this is.

  4. Populate the Account and Contact fields to link the document to a specific customer.

  5. Add links to other connected records on the Connected to detail. If you fill in the Documents detail of a record, the record will be connected to the specified document.

  6. Click Save.